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Newbridge is an Ohio-based software company that builds next generation software applications for all types of schools in Ohio. 

Newbridge is the provider of Navigator, the foremost web-based K-12 education reporting software platform that significantly reduces the complexity of state data reporting, analysis and management.  


Our team of subject matter experts have over 25 years of experience working with the Ohio Department of Education's Education Management Information System (EMIS). Experience gained through these years to accurately report, quickly analyze and validate the reported data comes through in our software applications.

What is EMIS

EMIS is the statewide data collection system for Ohio’s primary and secondary education. Staff, student, district/building, and financial data are collected through this system. Staff data include demographic, attendance, and course information. Demographic, student attributes, attendance, program, course, and test data are submitted to ODE at the student level. In addition, EMIS data is used for State and Federal Reporting; Funding and Distribution Payments; Academic Accountability; and State and District Reports.

School Funding & Accountability

Understanding the EMIS processes and related state data reporting that drives district funding and accountability is critically important for every business official. 

Our software provides the ability to quickly manage, analyze and troubleshoot data errors, before funding loss appears on the School Finance Payment Report (SFPR) and incorrect data is reflected on the Local Report Card.

Reporting incorrect data is no longer inconsequential...

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Nicole Marshall

Treasurer  - Westerville City Schools

“It’s hard to imagine anyone that has been involved with anything related to school funding would not be impressed by Navigator.


Newbridge is once again a proud Bronze Level Sponsor to the Ohio Association of School Business Officials (OASBO) (2018, 2019)

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Sept 11-13, 2019

2019 Fall OEDSA Conference

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Rising Expectations Demand Leveraging Technology Automation - Benchmark Highlight


by Tom Mitchell

Ever feel a little overwhelmed? Can’t quite keep up with all your priorities? Constantly trying to stay above water is not uncommon in today’s fast paced world and without help, you may never get out of the cycle. Over the course of time, technology has become transformational and necessary for many professionals to properly perform their job. Automation, by definition, is the technique, method, or system of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means, as by electronic devices, reducing human intervention to a minimum. This is the key to finding the time needed to focus on the high value activities that can make you successful. 

Automation, commonly known to improve productivity, has morphed into a dependency on technology within our occupations. In other words, technology tools have provided so much improvement in the workforce that the role, responsibilities and the expectations of the job are now greater than ever before and demand that all professionals incorporate automated risk management into their daily routines. Without it, there is little chance of keeping up.  

Risks are all around us now and some are even a direct result of technology being used for destructive purposes. Risks can surface from manual error to intentional fraud. They can be very transparent and go under-the-radar for a great length of time, if not forever. Risk management strategies should be part of every organization through techniques of assessing, minimizing and preventing accidental loss, through such means to identify, analyze, action, monitor and control. By incorporating technology tools into your daily routine, risk can be managed in your profession without the kind of man hours it would take to effectively manage manually.    

Higher job expectations require a professional to have as much automation as possible to be efficient and effective. Finding and evaluating automation applications that will drive analysis and productivity in a fraction of time can significantly help a professional by providing information that may not have otherwise been available or visible. With the use of automation, data is gathered, analyzed, summarized, and presented back to users in mere seconds allowing the professional to make educated business decisions quickly and efficiently. The expected end result of utilizing technology is professionals have effective means to make better business decisions based on analytics as well as becoming highly productive. Without leveraging available technology that automates time consuming tasks, these functions are not likely to be completed. Our professions now have high expectations to not only complete these activities but do it in an effective and efficient manner.   

In summary, expectations of today’s professionals are very high. These expectations come with an embedded assumption that technology and automation of regular tasks is leveraged, and professionals take advantage of opportunities to spend more time on high value activities. This requires access to tools that are easy to use, solve time consuming problems, and provide information needed to make sound and timely decisions. With limited time and ever increasing responsibilities, a relentless focus on spending time on the highest priority items and automating the rest is essential.  

Tom Mitchell is the President and CEO of Bonefish Systems, LLC, an OASBO Benchmark Program Provider. Click here to learn more about Bonefish Systems’ AP Automation: Electronic Vendor Audit System & Electronic Vendor Payroll System.

Reprinted by permission from Bonefish Systems, LLC (2019).



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